A Rhythmic Exercise in Paradox

Those words which seem to contradict often do.
Or do they?

Heresy is an abstract concept in a world of paradox…
Love and wrath, equality and submission,
Doctrine and passion, activity and passivity!
Things which are said do seem meant.
But those meant do not mend well.
The mental mending of rent rentals
Oh the rendition of mental intention of idiots!
And parroted paradox perplexes intellect once again.

Words out of context,
Placed into ideas as
Post polls into post holes.
Support the creations of human kind.
Or do they?
Ideas sound soundly wrong, yet
Those voices sound strong
Upon the resounding masses.

Nice smiles and happy pretext set
To sell sex, text, and television
Advertising alongside those
Bonus gifts available only
To those whose passion is
Higher than thought.

Only twenty minutes left!!!

Rash decisions lead to poverty.
The perpetual poverty of the indebted attempting to out-debt their debtors!
The perpetual poverty of impoverished poets
The impoverished poet reads and writes well
But his meandering, morbid
Ponderings betray the empty heart
Of a hermetic hermeneutic.
Woe! sad hermit…

What of the context of pretext?
Presupposition supposes so
Frequently that the frequency is
Above the threshold of
Audibility. Ought we
Not to bring it down?
To frequent frequency of pain?


Pain…the pangs of hunger, of
Want…want for things, want for love…
So much want that we are wont to
Do that which we not ought be wont to do.

For therein lies the death.
And that great paradox is paradoxically
Only available through the Great Paradox.
Found in fullness and the finite at once.

The death of that which cannot die.
The murder of death itself.
And that worthless redemption of the worthless.
At the cost of the priceless…losing what cannot be lost
…nor found.
That losing found the lost and chose those
Who might reject their own election.
Were not that election rigged!

O Great Scandal!

Thanks be for the impossible!
For in impossibility, impossible plausibility fulfills
The causation of the uncaused and
Certain damnation of undamnability and of damnation itself!
And the ineffable existential essence of paradox…

…that collision upon two intersecting lines.


Youth Group Game

This is a game we played last night in youth group. Classic Young Life style setup. Audience is in on the joke, four participants have no idea what’s actually going on. Except for the fourth one. She has a much better idea than I do. I am the head, by the way… Enjoy.