Worship Music

Worship is one of those things about church, if not the thing. Americans (maybe others too) obsess over the style, quality, production, lighting, sound equipment, arrangements, volume, distortion, hymns vs. praise songs/choruses, liturgical vs. not, structured vs. free (in the Spirit, of course…), and the list goes on and on and on and on…

Everyone has there opinions, including me, but more often than not, our opinions are merely our preferences and have little bearing on what is honoring to Christ, truly worshipful, what others may find helpful to them, reflect good/bad or mere/specific theology, etc.

All that to be said, the one thing that I absolutely love about certain worship songs, regardless of age, style, or anything else is their focus on Christ. Not all songs fit into this category, but I recently stumbled upon www.reformedpraise.org while reading through my RSS blog feeds on Google Reader. Justin Taylor, a blogger from the Gospel Coalition, posted about them. I was intrigued, so I followed the link, eventually downloading both their albums and linking to them here, on Facebook, and Twitter.

I don’t usually promote things for sale here, but I love these albums and will put them in my regular rotation of worship music listened to, alongside Stuart Townend, Keith & Kathryn Getty, David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin, Passion, and old Vineyard stuff.

Here’s a link to their new album, which just dropped three days ago: http://www.reformedpraise.org/store/albums/merciful-to-me/