New Beginnings

Things Fall Apart.

This is a book that I read in high school. One that I don’t remember particularly fondly, either. It also aptly describes my life from my last post through the end of 2010. The last several months of 2010 were the hardest -of my life. But I have found before that the hardest times in life – the deepest pains, the toughest situations, the greatest sorrows, the biggest frustrations, are the places where God is teaching me the most. These last several months have been no exception.
The new year has been a sort of new beginning for me. A fresh start. I was on top of the world last July and overcome by it in December, but the time for my mourning is over, though some sorrow will linger.
For many months, even years, God was teaching me to trust him. And now I am in the season of practicing that trust.
I may or may not choose to discuss details of what specifically happened, but rest assured that I am going to be posting again with some frequency and a renewed sense of purpose. I am getting back in the saddle and hopefully be back in ministry before too long, God willing.
Until the next post.

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