More New Beginnings

I’ve been in Asheboro, North Carolina for about two months now. I moved here, following God’s call as the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries at First Presbyterian Church. After a crazy introduction which pretty much has just thrown me into the middle of the current, I am really starting to settle in well. My apartment looks mostly lived in. (Although the couple of students that have popped by pointed out my lack of a TV immediately.) I know my way around town. I am a member of the church, have been through committee meetings, sat in on session, assisted in worship, played softball, been in a car wreck (everyone was fine), partnered with Young Life, and fellowshipped with several other youth pastors in town.
I have such a confidence in this being the place to which God has called me, am enjoying the people at FPC and the broader Christian community. I love it here!
Tonight is huge for me. I will be kicking off the school year with the parents and students in a meeting, which I wish was going to be longer and more fun, but paperwork has to get done at some point. I am excited and certainly feel prepared, but at the same time I am stressed. This is my kick-off here and my first one as a director, so that is understandable. I am also wrestling with the weight of my call, and while I accept that whole-heartedly I am humbled that I am being entrusted with the lives and souls of these teenagers and in some senses, their families. Not that I bear that primarily or solely, but I bear it.
It is a burden that in the room tonight share. The primary responsibility parents to guard and guide their children’s spiritual upbringing. It is the same as every other area of a child’s development.
I am here as a resource to them, to help them parent better and to be there for the kids as a partner with their parents to disciple them and to foster a corporate environment where they might be drawn nearer and draw themselves nearer to Christ.
By the grace of God I go unto this great task.