I am a broken man, stumbling toward the Savior who pulled me from the pit of death and despair. I strive to serve God by impacting the lives of young men and women. I love people. You’ll find me with them constantly. (I’m a hopeless extrovert.)
I work in a church with teenagers, college students, and young adults (I’m a young adult myself). I live in a small town in central North Carolina and love it. I grew up in Denver, CO and so I love the mountains: the Rockies and the Appalachians. I have traveled to China, but never to Canada. I play the sax, wish I could play the guitar, and long for the day that I might have my own wood shop in the garage (in the mean time, I’d be thrilled to have a garage).
I enjoy philosophy, theology, poetry, movies, science, jazz, metal, bluegrass, and watching football. Country music is slowly and slightly growing on me. I also enjoy writing. This is my space to think in public. Feel free to poke around, leave your own thoughts and questions in the comments, or email me.
Much love in Christ,

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